Planetarium In A Box 

Astronomy software is like a planetarium and a spaceship in a box.

Travel through-out the Solar System and into the galaxy beyond.

See close-ups of stars and planets. Explore the Moon and the rings of Saturn.

Navigate deep in to the outer reaches and see Pluto and its moons.

Go beyond our own Milky Way Galaxy and experience the universe.

There is so much to see and enjoy with this software. From the true beginner to enthusiast backyard stargazers alike, planetarium software like this will open up space to you from the comfort of your favorite chair.


As a child, I dreamed of someday exploring the great unknown: the vast universe beyond our Earth’s atmosphere. Of course, not being an astronaut chances are that I will never get to the stars. I figured the closest would be my own back yard on a clear night.

Until now! I am excited to introduce a space simulator, 3D Astronomer. Now you can explore the wonders of the universe- and you can do it safely in the comfort of your own home.

3D Astronomer is like Google Earth, but for the entire solar system and beyond. They have taken data gathered by the European Space Agency, including imagery, telemetry, and positional data for planet, asteroids and stars, and mapped it in 3D. The program is easy to use, with basic settings a child can manipulate. The program is suitable for educational purposes, for space enthusiasts, and professional astronomers or astrophysicists. Get up close and personal with the red sands of Mars, the moons of Jupiter, the rings of Saturn, or the blazing surface of the sun. Visit the searing surface of Venus.

There has never been a space planetarium program like 3D Astronomer. It can take you anywhere in space you want to go, and show you the wonder, beauty and the vastness of our galaxy… and beyond.

And for those of you who want it fast,the basic addition is available via download. For extended video features there is a four-disk package as well.

3d Astronomer!


Starry Night Complete Space & Astronomy Software

Starry Night Complete Space & Astronomy Software

If you're new to astronomy or looking for the perfect gift for someone interested in the stars, this new edition of Starry Night Complete Space and Astronomy Software has everything you need to get started. With direct, easy-to-understand explanations and impressive visuals of all kinds of night sky phenomena, Complete Starry Night Complete Space and Astronomy Software is the perfect way to share the wonders of the universe with your entire family. and much more!


Starry Night Enthusiast 6.3 Astronomy Software

Starry Night Enthusiast 6.3 Astronomy Software

Version 6.3 includes 20+ new features! Explore a vast array of astronomical wonders, both natural and man-made! Replay spectacular fly-bys of Voyager, Galileo, and other famous space missions. Never miss your chance to witness celestial events, such as Jupiter satellite shadow transits, with the powerful Events Finder. Easily navigate around the cosmos using SkyGuide as your tour guide. Starry Night Enthusiast gives you the freedom and resources to explore the night sky on your computer or with the naked eye or a pair of binoculars.


Starry Night Pro 6.3 Astronomy Software

Starry Night Pro 6.3 Astronomy Software

Increase your in-the-field observing success with Starry Night Pro Version 6.3. Use the Events Finder to choose targets, or make your own Observing List for a specific night or for specific objects of interest. Print out three-view starhopping charts customized to your equipment that effortlessly guide you to challenging objects. With extensive data sets, advanced telescope control, and comprehensive observational tools, Starry Night Pro is a powerful program designed for the serious astronomer. Transform your computer into a sophisticated virtual observatory.


Starry Night Pro Plus 6.3 Astronomy Software

Starry Night Pro Plus 6.3 Astronomy Software

For the advanced amateur astronomer, Starry Night Pro Plus version 6.3 cutting-edge features will keep you engaged in your hobby like no other software can. Updated LiveSky links and images, zoom in on any portion of a dazzling 20,000-image color AllSky CCD mosaic of the entire sky, to a limiting magnitude of 14-15! Powerful observation-planning tools and a database of 65 million stars and over 1 million deep-sky objects let Pro Plus control most computerized telescopes using its superb graphics as your interface. Receive automatic updates of orbital data of satellites, comets, and asteroids. Customize field-of-view indicators to match your eyepieces.

Start your stargazing hobby from the computer then move to the backyard.

Use Planetarium Software to get you started.

You can even program it to your location so you will know exactly what's overhead when you look up.

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