Take A Trip Through
The Solar System


Welcome to The Celestial Solar System.

I started this site to engage people in the wonderful hobby of stargazing. Notice I didn't say astronomy. I think astronomy is great. I like astronomy, but I love stargazing.

Just taking some time to look at the stars and planets.

big dipper


Trying to identify the constellations and imagining the myths behind them.

I love the cool dark nights of winter because that brings my favorite constellation high overhead.

The hunter Orion. He stands tall with his shield fending off the charging bull Taurus. Walking by the river with his two hunting dogs.

He's well known by his famous three stars belt.

Finding Orion will put you in touch with four other constellations easily too.

I'm going to show you how.

Just like Orion, the Big Dipper Is easy to spot and good as a pointer to other constellations.

Which ones? Come inside and find out.


The 12 zodiac signs are some of the more famous constellations... Taurus, Scorpio, Gemini, are a few, but there are more...so many more.

How many do you know? How many can you find?

Well spend some time with me and I'll help you find and identify many constellations.



Great Telescopes Under $200 Orion's Best Beginner Telescopes under $400

And when you or your child get ready for the deeper experience of amateur astronomy I can help there too.

Want to buy a telescope? Great. I will give you some tips on what to think about before you buy. 

Don't waste money on a scope that doesn't do what you want or is to complicated and heavy to feel like setting up.

If you won't or can't use it, then it doesn't matter how good it is or how much it cost.

But you don't need a telescope to enjoy the night sky.


A video tribute to some of the wonderful thoughts of DR. Carl Sagan. A true inspiration to many of us who enjoy looking at the stars and imagining the cosmos.

Courtesy of We Hope on Youtube

Thank-you B.  

Check out her other Sagan videos here:

Pale Blue Dot

A Tribute To Carl Sagan


All you need is a dark spot, some imagination, and a star chart...and maybe a blanket. The Solar System is alive with wonders.

The night sky is filled with twinkling lights.

So what's what?

Well...most are stars, some are planets, and some are totally different.

As a general rule stars “twinkle”, planets don't.

Comets are gaseous ice-balls whizzing through the cosmos.

Asteroids and meteoroids are giant rocks moving through the Solar System.

Under the right conditions and knowing where to look you can even see other galaxies.

A software program like Starry Night can help you learn from home before you venture out.

In the northern hemisphere there is the Andromeda galaxy the farthest object away from Earth visible with the naked eye.

m31 andromeda galaxy

photo courtesy and © T. Credner & S. Kohle, www.AlltheSky.com

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In the southern hemisphere the Large Magellanic Cloud and Small Magellanic Cloud are both visible. These however are much closer than Andromeda.

You would need a telescope for a chance to actually see some of the stars in these galaxies.

magellanic clouds

Get out and see a meteor shower.

Moons, dwarf planets, comets, nebulae and more.

There are innumerable celestial bodies in the galaxies beyond.

There's plenty to see in the night sky.


Mostly I just want you to go out and enjoy the night sky. Hey and take some family or friends with you.

Backyard stargazing is a simple pleasure and it starts by opening your eyes and using your imagination and then...


C'mon we're going on a trip...through the Solar System!

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