Affiliate And Advertising Disclosure

Here at The Celestial Solar System I have chosen to enter an affiliate partnership to sell telescopes and astronomy equipment and accessories.

As you visit various pages of my site, you will see advertisements. Some are affiliate links and some aren't.

Affiliate Ads

I recommend products and services which I believe, in my opinion will help you in what you are attempting to do.

Recommended products or services are based on use or research.

If you follow a link or banner to my affiliate partner(s) and make a purchase I receive a percentage of the sale.

Please note that following a link to a purchase site will not increase your cost of buying that product or service.

However, if you felt my advice or recommendation was a helpful service I would truly appreciate it if you would return to The Celestial Solar System  for future purchases and perhaps tell your family and friends about your experience.

I have chosen Orion telescopes and binoculars as my affiliate partner for stargazing items. They can be found at

Why Orion? Because I use them myself. They provided good products and excellent customer service. They have very helpful and knowledgeable service people to help you with your questions.

I recommend Sitesell and SBI simply because they are the reason I was able to build this business. I think that they could help you as they have many others if you are looking to start a web-based business.

Non Affiliate Ads

Some companies will also advertise on my site. These are not affiliate ads. They are more like TV commercials.

If you see an ad you are interested in and you click on the link I get a small fee. This varies from a few pennies to a few dollars.

Unlike TV commercials they don't pay me just to be shown(oh well).

Paid Sponsors

Finally there are paid sponsors

At some point I may become big enough to have paid commercials on my site, sponsorships of this nature will always be clearly marked as such.

At this time there are none.

Bottom Line

This website was made with the purpose of

(re)introducing people to the stars... but yes it is also a business.

My recommendations are truly made in the same spirit as the site itself.

I recommend Solo Build It if you are looking to start a web business. And if your web knowledge is limited or you don't know how to create web pages the Solo Build It process can seem like magic(take the tour).

I recommend products and services from Orion because I use them myself and I believe in them.